Collection with contemporary geometric accent: the special glaze gives a vintage look and offer a contrast with the modernity of the design itself. The ceramic line also includes furniture items, like mirrow and console with coordinated ceramic accessories.

Collection with elegant geometric black design, finished with gold. The line also include solid color items, console and mirror to fit a contemporary and luxury style.

From Art Deco period, this line brings purple and the main color and together with platinum, made this collection a very unique and sophisticated look. The collection is completed with items with a relief pattern and with coordinated furniture. A very exclusive and precious line.

White and gold is the look of this line: unusual shapes, decorated with elegant and light lines of 19 karat gold.
This line has been created together with a well known designer.

A classic black and white collection is the inspiration for this Animalier collection.
Many items are finished with Gold, in order to achieve an interesting contrast. Furniture and ceramics with a clean and basic look, where details make the difference.

Designed for outdoor, but also perfect for indoor spaces, this line has been inspired by the color of the sea, and it is made with innovative materials, such has painted vulcanic stone and iroko wood to guarantee a safe use for outdoor conditions. A very unique furniture line and relative accessories for unique houses.

Modern & Design

Ceramic&Design. Is the new concept from L’Antica Deruta, designed to follow the increasing request of elegant and contemporary look. We took inspiration from the fantastic ART DECO period, to create clean shapes and elegant design, with gold and platinum finishes.



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Maintenance and care

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Custom made projects

Our goal is to satisfy the customer's requests realizing custom made projects, complying with any "particular" request and making it real

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