Exclusive tops and outdoor furniture: a collection dedicated to fashion Garde and patio, to enjoy the outdoor life everyday. Marble table with inlead ceramic tile, natural or hand painted: ceramic tables, painted lava stone tables, iron bases and chairs, special wood bases also available.

Hand made tiles, each one painted by hand, create a very large assortment of decor and sizes. Covering, flooring and panels for kitchen or to personalize the space you want, indoor and outdoor. Tiles for fountains, pools and stairs are also available. You can contact us for custom projects for any special request.

Tavoli & Piastrelle

Collezione di Tavoli unici per l’arredo di giardini esclusivi - Piastrelle & Pannelli per personalizzare ogni dettaglio della tua casa: cucina, bagni, pavimenti e ogni altro spazio che vuoi rendere unico, solo tuo. Prodotti nati dall’utilizzo congiunto del travertino e delle piastrelle in cotto dipinte a mano, mosaici decorativi e pannellature realizzati a progetto, pavimenti personalizzati.



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Maintenance and care

Discover how to maintain the beauty of our products over time.

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Custom Design

Custom made projects

Our goal is to satisfy the customer's requests realizing custom made projects, complying with any "particular" request and making it real

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