Our products are completely hand made - hand painted in our factory in Italy, and represent the result of a long and patient work, typical of the old tradition of Deruta.

Every piece we produce come with our signature to guarantee the originality.

Our collections are very unique, different from the others for the elegant shapes and the accurate design of the decoration and are considered always a luxury “must have”, for those who looks for exclusivity and a value item.

Discover how to maintain the beauty of our products over time:

CERAMIC ARTICLES (accessories, tables, tiles, tableware)


Glazed ceramic: to clean use water and soup, but never use acid or corrosive products.


Ceramic with Gold / silver / luster: those collections are made with special metallic colors: for a proper cleaning use a clean dry cloth, or just a little bit wet.


Ceramic with antique patina: those collections have a special patina, and have to be cleaned only with a dry cloth; is cleaned with water, the patina will be removed.

Those collections are not food safe, and are only for a decorative use.


Dinnerware set: our dinnerware collection are confirmed to the idications of the low n. 2005/31 – MOCA, and are completely food safe.

All those products can be washed with water (dishwashes as well, but a a maximum of 50° cicle – pay attention to the distance between them in the dishash, to avoid contact and possible breakage).

The dinnerware collection are not microwave safe and are not possible to use over flames).


To remove dust, please use only a soft brush or vacuum cleaner – never use water or soap.


Those tables are made for indoor and outdoor use as well; for outdoor use, please   follow the treatment infos below all the tosa are treated with oil and wax, in order to prevent absorbment of any kind of liquid. The table tops are tested to severe thermal shock (-20°+35°) – certificatation can be provided.

Dont’ use on those tables acid or corrosive substances. To preserve the beauty of the tables in the years, and to maintain the integrity of the tops, we suggest to treat those at least 2/3 times per year: it is a  very simple cleaning and waxing treatment –  for that, please refer to the instructions we include with every single table.

After request, wecan  provide you with a cover cloth for a better protection during winter months.


We only use solid wrought iron base and chairs. We use a special “Patina” finished to give a vintage look, applied by hand, so it can be not very uniform from piece to piece: all ut iron furniture can be also offered for a severe outdoor use; please refer to price list for complete infos.


Out furniture is made with solid massive wood and also with blockboard wood.

Colors and finishing are made with non toxid products, in compliance with the regulations (refer to the technical sheet). Do not clean wood furniture with abrasive products; use only  dump cloth, or specific products for wood only.

Do not put on top of  furniture hot stuff, like hot pots or similar; do not use pen or cutting blades that can damage the surface or the color.



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