Back in 1950, Alviero Moretti, first son in family of artisans in Deruta,  started his own company, L’ANTICA DERUTA and since than, he had a new vision for his business. Alviero first infact created collection from single classcic piece. With this new and ambitious strategy  he became soon  leader  in the market and  he  presented his creations at the majour international fais and started  to collaborate  with famous retail shops.

The small atelier, where new collections were created for the modern homes, is now a well known company, recognized all over the world for quality and exclusive designs.

Today, Giorgio and Camilla, the third generation  of Moretti Family run the company.
L’Antica Deruta, a modern reality and a serious player in the global market,  where, starting from the production to the new showroon, everything is completely under the rigid family control.
This new approach,is the key of our success; our products are everyday used  for projects by architechs and interior designers, and available in the most exclusive stores all over the world.


This has been alwats the company philosophy; a new and unique way to approach the market properly.

Research, made by our design studio, where, under the expert direction of Prof. Mirella, wife of Alviero,  everyday we study new collections starting from elaboration of old classical patterns.
It is in this magic place that everything starts; new shapes, new colors for unique masterpieces. 

Quality, is in the expert hands of our artist, that everyday, with meticulous attention , make special products, following the renaissance tradition of Deruta. We guarantee every single piece is entirely made in our factory and comes with our Signature and certification. 

Culture is the knowledge of the great classic italian  art traditions, that is an inspiration to create new line. Without this important background it is impossible to produce our classic masterpieces.



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Factory Shop

Factory Shop Antica Deruta

The largest factory shop, with more that 1000 square meter dedicated to expo, where you can buy directly from the production site.

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Work shop guided tours

It is possible to visit the workshop and admire the ancient technique of the artist.

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